A Book Fair Paragraph

A book fair is a fair where a display of different types of books is arranged for sale. It is an occasion of great festivity to the ardent readers. In recent years, the book fair has achieved overwhelming popularity in our country. Book fairs are usually organized in an open place normally in the winter season every year in most of the major cities of our country. Book fairs are organized on different occasions of national significance days namely, Martyrs Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, etc. Ekushey book fair, the national book fair, is the biggest book fair in our country. This event is held to commemorate the historic language movement of 21 February 1952 for the establishment of Bangla as the mother language every year during February in Dhaka. Bangladesh arranges over 40 book fairs every year. It inspires people to be good readers. It also creates a rare opportunity for new writers. The presence of children and adolescents is also noticeable in the book fair. Book fairs significantly increase the number of readers and writers. All types of books- novel, religious books, textbooks, poems, drama, fiction, non-fiction, reference books, are available in book fairs. Seminar and cultural programs are also held in a book fair. A book fair reminds us of the fact that books are our best companions.

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