A Rainy Day Paragraph

A rainy day is not related to a particular season. When it rains constantly all day long, it is called a rainy day whether it is the rainy season or not. But, we experience a rainy day mostly in the rainy season. On a rainy day, the sky is overclouded and sunless. It drizzles sometimes and sometimes pours heavily. Nature looks gloomy. Roads and paths become muddy. Normal life is interrupted. People get bored staying at home. If they need to go out, they have to carry an umbrella. People who live from hand to mouth face immeasurable sufferings during the rainy season due to lack of work compelling them to starve for the whole day. Sometimes incessant heavy rainfall causes a flood. However, a rainy day is not always unwelcoming to all. It also comes with its benefits. Affluent people and romantic couples enjoy rains holding a cup of tea or coffee. School-goers love rainy days as they don’t need to go to school on this day. They make merriment drenching and playing on the ground. Filths are washed away, and the environment becomes clear. The rainy day has its pros and cons.

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