A Tea Stall Paragraph

A tea stall is a small shop where tea is prepared and served along with biscuits, cakes, or different kinds of snacks. It is a familiar sight in our country. It is seen in the village markets, towns, and cities. Usually, tea stalls are vigorously grown up in crowded places like bus stations, railway stations, etc. The owner of this shop sits on a chair and manages the cash box. There is a boy who serves tea to the customers. There are two or three shelves on which biscuits, cakes, snacks are kept. There are arrangements of a few chairs and tables or benches. It opens early in the morning and closes at midnight. It is a meeting place for all kinds of people. Some customers drink tea and some engage themselves in gossiping and some enjoy the gossip. People go there to refresh themselves with a cup of tea. Indeed, it is a place of interest for all kinds of people.

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