An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun.

Look at the following sentence:
1.Jacky wore a black dress.
2.I don’t like that book.
3.Tony gave me five oranges.
4.I have little time for Facebooking.

In sentence one ‘black’ describes the color of the dress. In other words, it gives extra information about the dress.
In sentence 2 ‘that’ shows which boy is specified.
In sentence 3 ‘five’ tells how many oranges were given.
In sentence 4 ‘little’ shows how much time there is for Facebooking.

Types Of Adjective: The main kinds are

Adjectives of quality: tell the kind or quality of a person or thing.
1. Sima is a beautiful girl (girl of what kind)
2. Here, the adjective beautiful shows what kind of girl sima is.
3. Paris is a large city (what kind of city=large city)
4. He is a dishonest man (what kind of man=dishonest man)
If you answer the question of what kind? You get an adjective of quality.

Adjectives of quantity: tell how much of a thing is stated,
1.Much patience is needed in life.
2.He has no sense.
3.Samira has little wisdom.
If you answer the question how much? You get an adjective of quantity.
1.How much patience?
=>much patience
2. How much sense?
=>No sense
3. How much wisdom?
=>little wisdom

Adjectives of number: answer the question: How Many?
1. All men are mortal.
How many men?
=>all men
2. There are five pictures in the book.
How many?
3. Give me some ripe mangoes.
How many mangoes?
=>some mangoes.

Demonstrative adjectives: specify a person or thing and answer the question: which?
1.That boy is brilliant.
Which boy
2. Those rascals are shot dead.
Which rascals?
3. I love such things.
Which things?
=>such things

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