Adolescence Paragraph

Adolescence is the period in humans life when s\he develops from being a child to an adult. In adolescence, humans can neither be called a child nor an adult. It is a transition between childhood and adulthood. According to the World Health Organization, an adolescent is any person who is between ages 10 and 19. At this very time, children who are entering adolescence undergo many physical, intellectual, social changes. They start thinking on a higher level than that of children. Usually, children can only think logically about concrete. But adolescents can deal with abstractions and see what might be true rather than what they see. When kids reach adolescence, they start searching for their identity, developing social attachments, relating themselves to the world. They know themselves, their capabilities, and their skills. Humans also experience both physical growth and sexual development.

‘Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are born.’ – G.Stanley Hall

But, adolescence is also a period of risks. Some girls and boys seem to float in the world of fantasy. They may easily victims of negative influences. They may get addicted to drugs, or they may engage in amoral activities. Adolescence is the period that determines how a person would turn out in the future. So, it is not the period of letting go. It is high time for parents to watch over them more than ever but not force them to lose their individuality. Parents should encourage their participation in their choice if it doesn’t go against the law and rules or values.

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