Advantages and Disadvantages of City Life Composition

Cities are crammed full of luxurious and comfortable amenities. In the city, there is no limit to the opportunities open to people. People can enjoy increased opportunities for education, employment, socialization, mass transit, easy access to specialized care, a wide variety of food and culture, more places of interest. Being succumbed to the allure of city life and enjoying a better quality of living, people from rural areas migrate to cities. At present, half of the world’s population lives in cities and can rise by 68% by 2050. But no place can give everything, and neither can the city. Ultimately cities also come with a swath of obstacles. Cities are equally fragrant and exhausting.

Cities attract all kinds of people from all over the world. So, there is an integration of people of all races, castes, religions, colors, cultures in the cities. Such a vast array of diversity fosters unity and broadens people’s outlook. Also, meeting and talking to new people who had very different life opens up whole new vistas for each other.

Another great advantage that a city offers to its duellers is the well-structured transportation network system. Cities have broad motorways or interstates. There is the availability of buses, taxis, ride-sharing drivers. That is, city dwellers have various options to get to their destination. These public transportation options are affordable also. Cities also have the added advantage of a wide variety of cuisine as a result of cultural diversity. There is an availability of authentic restaurants in the cities. So, city folks can savor the culinary delights of the different parts of the world. Not only that, but city folks also get the opportunity to take note of similarities among ingredients, dishes, cooking techniques, geography, cultural expressions. Such kind of knowledge and experience also help city dwellers have a better understanding of the world.

Cities also offer better educational facilities from primary levels to university levels. City students have greater access to educational materials and resources and, therefore, get a high-quality education. It is also needless to say that better educational facilities are the decisive factor why rural people migrate to the city.

Cities are places of opportunities and understanding one’s potential. There are more career and business opportunities for the city dweller. So, finding a job is not difficult in the city. Cities are full of trade and commerce centers. Besides, cities are usually populous. So there are better chances of success to star-up a business in the city.

What is more, is that cities offer advanced medical care. The hospitals and clinics are well-equipped with the latest and modern instruments. The health facilities help city dwellers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The cities also provide their dwellers with a vast range of entertainment sources. Cities are always in a festive mood. Here, entertainment comes in a lot of forms. There are game parks, museums, theatres, cinema halls, etc. Cities are also places of vibrant art and music. So to say, from theatre to museums to galleries to garden everything is fun and entertaining in the city.

What is undeniable also is that city folk have better access to technology. So, the city dwellers always remain up to date and of the current trends of the world.

But contrary to popular beliefs, cities put the city folks at some distinct disadvantages too. And the high cost of living in the city comes first in this regard. Living expenses- house rent, food cost, water are very high in the city. Also, city dwellers have to suffer from environmental pollution due to rapid industrialization. Traffic congestion is another disadvantage that city folks have to encounter during peak hours. Due to overpopulation, there is always a lack of space. In the city, people have to live downsizing the living spaces. The life of the cities is fast, busy, and restless. The city people always hanker after fame and fortune. No one cares for no one in cities. Cities are noisy; no one is quiet on the people, but many are lonely. This aloofness between city dwellers has adverse effects on mental health to a great extent.

To sum up, cities have advantages and disadvantages. Whether to weigh up the pluses or minuses depends on the people. But in my opinion, the benefits of city life overshadows its detriments.

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