Aim in Life Dialogue

Abrar: Hello Asif, how are you?

Asif: I am fine, what about you?

Abrar: I am good. What are you up to today?

Asif: Now I am going to the Library. You can join me.

Abrar: Sure, by the by what is your aim in life?

Asif: I want to be a doctor. You would say it is my dream.

Abrar: Sounds great, it is a noble profession. Why do you want to be a doctor?

Asif: In my opinion, you can serve people wholeheartedly and selflessly only in this profession. My aim is also to serve people free. I will get the opportunity to help the measurable poor people directly. No other profession can do this in such a way. What is yours?

Abrar: I want to be a banker.

Asif: Why do you choose it?

Abrar: It is a lucrative and prestigious job. Besides, I have a passionate interest in the finance and economic structure of the world. I think my passion fits this profession very well.

Asif: ​It’s wonderful.

Abrar: ​Ok, let’s enter the library.

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