An Ideal Student Paragraph

An ideal student is one who has a strong sense of duty and responsibility and acts accordingly. S/he is sincere and regular in his/her studies, true to his/her words. And s/he is also always on his/her best behavior, obedient to parents, teachers, and laws and rules. S/he knows his/her first and foremost duty is to study hard. So, s/he never misses his/her classes and studies regularly. S/he maintains routine. She/he takes exercise regularly. To him/her, cleanliness is godliness. S/he is well-dressed and well-behaved. He is modest and farsighted. S/he believes she/he will reap what s/he saws in this period of life, and untiring perseverance will pay him/her off. So, an ideal student remains determined and works hard to achieve his/her goal. Also, he/she performs his/her duties towards his/her parents passionately. S/he obeys his/her parents, looks after them. S/he loves and respects them. She/he takes good care of their every need as well. Also, an ideal student has a passionate interest in social service. She/he always helps the distressed, down-trodden people. She/he teaches the illiterate. She/he also takes active participation during natural calamities voluntarily. S/he feeds the devasted people and helps them find shelter for themselves. An ideal student never shirks his duty and also responsibility towards his/her parents, society, or country. S/he doesn’t keep bad company. He/she is decisive and determined. He never wastes his time on useless things. In his/her free time, he reads the best authors. This habit widens his knowledge and mental horizon. An ideal student will be a good citizen. S/he can make the country proud and his life constructive and meaningful. She/he also takes good care of his/her health.

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