Application for Granting a Seat in Hostel

17 Oct 2021

The Principle
‘X’ college

Subject: Prayer for granting a seat in the college/school/ hostel.


With due respect, I beg to state that I am a student of your college in XI, suction-B. I live outside the town with my family, and it is forty miles away from your college. And it takes me literally an hour to get to the college every day. But if I ever get stuck in traffic, it takes much. Unfortunately, it has become a daily- occurrence now.

So, I could not reach the college on time very often and miss classes. These transportation hassles and costs are also hard to bear for me. Also, traveling such a long distance every day makes me fall sick so often. Moreover, I don’t have any relatives in the town. My family also cannot afford my accommodation here. And under such circumstances, I can’t give my undivided attention to study.

Therefore, I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to consider my grave situation and grant me a seat in the college as early as possible.

Yours obediently

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