Write an Application to the Headmaster for Hanging Some Electric Fans in the Class

The Headmaster
‘X’ School

Subject: Prayer for hanging some electric fans in the class.

Dear Respected Sir,
I am a student of class 9 (section A) of your school. And I would like to request arranging some electric fans in our class. Sir, you know it is hot summer now, and the temperature is soaring high day by day. Moreover, our classrooms are not spacious enough for such a large class. So with each passing day, the room becomes hotter and more humid. The room temperature makes the students feel suffocating. And as a result, they cannot concentrate on their classes .So we are badly in need of some new electric fans to lower the temperature of our class.

Therefore, I hope and pray you would be kind enough to make an immediate arrangement of some electric fans for our class.

Yours obediently

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