Application for Increasing the Number of Books in the College Library

19 Oct 2021

The principal
X College

Subject: Prayer for increasing the number of books in the college library.


With due respect, I want to state that I am a student of your college and a member of our college library. After carrying out a detailed survey, I have found that both academic and non-academic books are in short supply in the library. It is because the number of students in our college has increased year on year. But books have not been added to proportionately in the library since its establishment. As a result, the students cannot fulfill their academic needs. Also, the shortage of reference books in the library contributes students to lag far behind. Reference books are not only a study material or restricted to a single subject or based only on the curriculum. But they are the gateway to exploring more also.

Therefore, I hope you would be considerable enough to buy a collection of new books. And help students utilize the maximum benefit of a college library.

On behalf of the students of your college

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