Application for Increasing Common Room Facilities

20 Oct 2021

The Principal

Subject: Prayer for increasing common room facilities.


I want to draw your attention to the fact our college common room is now old and unrespected. It needs some adjustments and add-ons to serve its true purpose. You know a common room is a place of relaxation and helps students recharge themselves for the rest of the day. But it is a matter of sorrow that our common room lacks some necessities and entertainment sources. The seating in the common room provides us stools to sit which are not comfortable and relaxing. Students respond well to bright colors. But the color of the common room is dull. Our common room also doesn’t offer the necessary entertainment facilities. There are no gaming zones or television, common sources of recreation. It also doesn’t provide us with computer and internet facilities.

Therefore, I pray and hope you would be kind enough to make necessary adjustments and add-on to keep the students motivated and entertained.

Yours sincerely

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