Application for Increasing Multimedia Facilities in Classroom

17 Oct 2021

The Principle
‘X’ college

Subject: Prayer for increasing multimedia facilities in the classroom.


With due respect, we, the student of your college, would like to draw your attention to the fact that our classrooms are not well-equipped with multimedia -facilities. But the use of multimedia -computer, internet film, sound system- helps make teaching and learning activities more effective, we do believe you will agree with us. Also, audio-visual classes can make a profound impact on students. And it will be way more than the traditional classes with chalk and duster. It is so because using audio-visual aids in the classroom helps students remember the concept for a long time along with clarity. In addition, audio-visual classes engage the student in their class. And can arise their curiosity in the subject. Through using multimedia, a teacher can present information to the students in a short time and realistic manner. Besides, topics can be discussed and presented easily through images, slide -shows, and videos. Furthermore, multimedia facilities help manage large classes. And a computer with an internet connection help students to be well-updated about things and beings in and around them.

Therefore, we pray and hope that you would be kind enough to increase the multimedia facilities in our classroom and oblige thereby.

You’re obediently
We are all the students of your college.

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