Application for Setting Up A Literary Club in Your College

20 Oct 2021

The Principal
‘X’ college

Subject: Prayer for setting up a literary club in our college.


With due respect, this is to notify you that we, the students of your college, recognize the necessity of opening a literary club in our college. You know that a literary club is a platform that can help students exhibit and realize their self-potential. There is a wealth of latent talent in our college. And we have already witnessed the fact in many cultural functions of our college. Also, a literary club can help develop the four language skills- listening, reading, speaking, and writing of students. It also can help build beneficial skills such as leadership skills, organizational skills, and persuasive skills and therefore imbibe a sense of confidence in them and prepare them to work in a global community. What is more, is that it can also help have an inter-personal relationship among students. But they cannot cultivate their respective passion for quizzing, debating or writing, or art and go on a journey of self-discovery for want of a literary club.

Therefore, I pray and hope you would be kind enough to set up a literary club in our college and oblige thereby.

Yours Sincerely

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