Write an Application for Permission to Arrange a Fair on the School Campus

The headmaster
‘X’ school

Subject: Prayer for permission to arrange a fair on the school campus

Dear respected sir,

We want to organize an English language fair on our school campus. You know English is the common language of the world. And without learning the English language, there is no gateway to higher education and career success. But it is a matter of regret that many of our students are not enthusiastic about learning English; it seems troublesome. So, I believe an English fair will encourage English language learning among students. It aims at engaging students in learning English in a fun and amusing way. There will be a screening of an English movie. And students will take part in the quiz, vocabulary test, one-word question, quick questions-all based on this movie. I do believe this fair will make students interested to learn English.

So, therefore I pray and hope you would be kind enough to permit us to have an English to language learning fair on the school campus.

We remain
Your most obedient pupil


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