Write An Application to the Principal Providing English Daily Newspaper in the College Common Room

The Headmaster
‘X’ College

Subject: Prayer for English daily for the college common room.

Dear Respected Sir,

I have the honour to state that we have a well-equipped common room in our college. But it is regretting that our college doesn’t provide us with an English daily for the common room. You know English is the language of international communication, and good command of English will open up more vistas for students. English is the gateway to higher education and better career opportunities. And reading English newspapers will help us improve our knowledge of English. It will develop our reading and writing skills in English along with helping us to get to know the world’s current affairs. It will enrich our vocabulary and make us confident to communicate with others in English. So by reading English newspaper, we can improve our knowledge of the English language.

Therefore, we pray and hope you would be kind enough to provide English daily for our college common room.

Yours obediently

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