Application for Taking Immediate Steps to Repair the Damaged Road

19 Oct 2021

The Chairman
‘X’ Upazilla

Subject: Prayer for taking immediate steps to repair the damaged road.


I want to draw your kind attention to the deplorable condition of the [yz] road. You are well-aware of the fact that [yz] road is the busiest road in our village. This road connects us with the district road. But it is now almost closed to vehicular traffic. Now, it has become a cause of the innumerable sufferings of the villagers. It is because continuous heavy rainfall had affected the road badly. And this had caused a good number of potholes in the road. The water remains stagnant in those potholes, and also the potholes are getting deeper day by day. And this makes the road dangerous not only for two-wheeled vehicles but for motorists and pedestrians also. As a result, the inhabitants of our village have been facing a lot of inconveniences. But it is a matter of regret that action is yet to take.

Therefore, in the circumstances stated above, I request you to take action to alleviate our suffering.

on behalf of the villages




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