Write an Application for Setting Up a Canteen on the School Campus

The headmaster
‘X’ School

Subject: Prayer for setting up a canteen on the school campus.

Dear Sir,

We are the students of your school. Sir, you know our class starts at 9.00 am and breaks up at 4.30 Pm. So, we need to have good tiffin to be active for such a long period. But it is a matter of regret that our school doesn’t provide canteen facilities. As a result, we have to take our tiffin from roadside restaurants. And students get the opportunity to have junk food, deep-fried food, energy drink which may lead them to be our health problem. Also, the food price is costly. Sir, we must retain students’ palates to some extent for their best interest. So, we must set up a canteen on our school campus to provide healthy and nutritious food.

Therefore, I pray and hope you would be kind enough to set up a canteen on our school campus.

Yours sincerely

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