Bad Effects of Smoking Dialogue

A dialogue between two friends about the harmful effects of smoking.

Abrar: Hello Asif! How are you?

Asif: Not so well. What about you?

Abrar: I am perfectly fine. By the by where are you going?

Asif: I have an appointment with Doctor Mr. Wasif.

Abrar: What happened to you?

Asif: Nothing serious. My chest hurts slightly for two days.

Abrar: I have told you many times to stop smoking. But you never listen to.

Asif: You want to say that smoking causes chest pain.

Abrar: Yes! Smoking is also responsible for many life-threatening diseases like lung cancer. It also causes a heart attack or a stroke. It also damages a female’s reproductive system.

Asif: I was not aware of this fact. I won’t smoke further.

Abrar: Smoking is harmful not only for the smoker himself but also for the people around him.

Asif: Thank you so much for your valuable advice. I will never smoke, I promise.

Abrar: You are most welcome.

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