Beside vs Besides

These two words cannot be used interchangeably. They have different meanings and usages. Let’s find out the differences.

When to use beside:
Beside means next to or at the side of sb/sth
•He kept the ball beside the wooden flower pot.
•I love sitting beside Jon.

When to use besides:
Besides means in addition to something or also, moreover, etc.
•I don’t feel like going to Nadia’s party. Besides, it is raining too.
•My grandmother was a doctor. Besides she was a great dancer.

Fill in the blanks by playing beside or besides
1. He took physics …………. Math in his 10th grade
2. He enjoys sitting ………. her mother white traveling.
3. Television is a medium of entertainment. ………. it telecasts lots of educative programs.
4. He started walking …….. me with a bouquet despite my denial. ……… he tried to please me singing a song.
5. ……… academic lesson students should spend time on extra curriculum activities.

1. besides
2. beside
3. besides
4. beside, besides
5. besides

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