Child Labour Paragraph

Paragraph 01:

Child labor refers to an unlawful act accomplished by the children at their early age out of helplessness, and poverty or by being forced by some greedy traders and industrialists. It is a crime against children. Because it violates the fundamental rights and freedoms of a child. Poor parents send their children to do a job to manage their two times meal. Thus, some dishonest businessman gets the opportunity to offer children jobs at the lowest payment. Child labor deprives children of their chance to attend school and spend time playing and happy childhood and gets caring from the near and dear ones. In Bangladesh, child labor is a very common affair. It is observed that 12.6% of children aged 5 to 14 work as child labor in Bangladesh. They are present in every job sector like agriculture, poultry breeding, fish processing, garment section, the leather industry as well as on the street, in home-based businesses, and many more. They are forced to work for 8 or 10 hours and do heavy work. Sometimes they have to perform some dangerous job. Besides, they do not get nutritious food. As a result, they suffer from malnutrition and get infected with various diseases. It bears not only the physical and mental development of the children but also the nation’s future. That is why the government should take the necessary steps to stop child labor. The government should provide free and compulsory education and should give strict punishment who keep children as a laborer. Children are our future. We have to create the right environment for the children so that they can enjoy their childhood merrily. If we want to give every child a healthy productive merry childhood, we have to work hand in hand with the government to stop child labor.

Paragraph 02:

Child labor refers to the forced employment of children for financial gains. Caught in the poverty trap, the families cannot but engage them in child labor. When children are to spend a carefree, happy childhood, some have to work in factories, hotels, markets, and so on to provide themselves and their families a handful of rice. Child labor compromises their rights to education and healthy nourishment. They can’t play, let alone study. Both their childhood and future are getting lost in the abyss of darkness. They work in a very unacceptable condition. They even get the victim of inhumane torture over trivial matters such as breaking plates or glasses. A joint survey by the international labor organization and UNICEF has shown us that child engages themselves in about 310 kinds of economic activities in Bangladesh. Financial hardship is the primary cause of child labor in Bangladesh. The money-saving attitude of various inductions is also another cause of child labor. They can hire children as they can pay them less in companion to adults for the same work. Not understanding the importance of education also makes parents put their children to work. However, we must stop child labor. Because it obstacles the growth and prosperity of a country. Our children are exploited and tortured. We must take them back to education. Moreover, our constitution has clear guidance on the forcible prohibition of child labor in article 17. So, we must follow the guidelines and help the government to eradicate child labor from our country and ensure a bright, happy childhood for every child.

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