Climate Change Paragraph

Climate change is the radical changes in the earth’s temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, and other meteorological elements, occurring over time scales of decades or longer. These changes may be due to natural processes or due to human influences. However, climate change commonly refers to the rise in the temperature of the earth’s surface due to imprudent human activities. Earth’s climate is changing faster than at any point in the history of human civilization. The human use of fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases into the air is the main cause of climate change. Other human activities like deforestation, uncontrolled leading of luxurious life, unrestrained industrial activities also contribute to the increase of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Human activities have already increased the emission of greenhouse gases to such an extent that now nature itself cannot assimilate these gases. As a result, the earth is getting warmer day by day and eventually increases the rate of melting snow and ice in the polar region causing the rise of the sea level. This contributes to the extinction of coastal areas and small islands. Global climate change has started affecting food and water supply, agriculture, and even our health and safety. We experience more floods, drought, intense rain every year due to climate change. Many wild animals and plants are on the verge of extinction due to climate change. Climate change has resulted in serious consequences in developing countries. To keep our earth healthy and liveable, we must put an end to climate change. Minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases and planting more and more trees, can save our earth. The world leaders must sit together and reach a consensus about a way out reducing greenhouse gases to save our planet.

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