Customer and Salesman Dialogue

A dialogue between a customer and a salesman in a clothes shop.

Salesman: Good evening, Sir. Welcome to our shop. How can I assist you?

Customer: I want to buy a T-shirt. Would you please show me some bold and stylish T-shirts that meet the new fashion trends?

Salesman: Of course, sir. We are at your service. You can’t help to like our designs. Let me show you some.

Customer: I wear XL sizes.

Salesman: Here are some T-shirts you may like.

Customer: Well, I like the black one. Can I try this on?

Salesman: Yes, sure.

Customer: It fits me well. I will take it. How much?

Salesman: Only 800 hundred.

Customer: Please pack it then.

Salesman: Here you are. Please pay the money at our cash counter.

Customer: ok, I will do it.

Salesman: Thank you, sir.

Customer: You are welcome.

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