Diaspora Paragraph

Diaspora refers to those people who have settled in other parts of the world but; their indigenous territories lie in a separate geographic location. There are two main reasons for the diaspora- either by being forced or willingly. Besides, war and natural calamities may also cause Diasporas. However, the world has experienced many forced diasporas, and still, there is no end in sight to this. Among them, the Jewish was the first diaspora in the history of human being, and they became diaspora several times in ancient times. Later-specifically after World War 2, they have settled in Palestine. But, now they are compelling Palestinine to leave their country and make them Diasporas for another country. In most recent years, we all see how the Myanmar government has compelled Rohinga- a Muslim minority group in Myanmar-to leave their home. The hope of having a better life, jobs, or getting higher studies results in a willing diaspora. The willing diaspora is due to globalization.

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