Drug Addiction Paragraph

Drug addiction is a physical and non-physical inability to consume drugs despite knowing the harmful effects and consequences. It hinders all the development progress of the individuals and the country. It has spread its clutches everywhere in society. In Bangladesh, about 25lahk people are drug-addicted, and 80 percent of the drug addicts are adolescents and young men of 15 to 35 years of age. In this materialistic world, people are overwhelmed with difficulties, differences, frustration, loneliness, insecurity, and so many problems and worries. To get over the stress, people start taking drugs as drugs produce an intrinsic feeling of intense pleasure and eventually become addicted.

Moreover, youngsters take drugs only to impress their peers. The addiction to taking drugs leads a man to his/her tragic end. Drug addiction increases the risk of illness and infection, weakening the immune system. It causes several life-taking diseases such as stroke, cancer, liver damage, brain damage, etc. Addiction to drugs also gives birth to new crimes. Drug addicted people get involved in crimes to get money for taking drugs. It has trapped our socio-economic progress and balance. It is shocking that all types of drugs- cocaine, heroin, Ganga, and Yaba pills- are available in Bangladesh. The government should take stern steps to solve this problem. The government should give severe punishment to drug dealers and distributors. Social awareness is also necessary to demolish this problem. In this case, the family should take the initial step. Otherwise, our country will sink into oblivion.

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