Each vs Each of

Each: When we consider several persons or things individually we use each. Each is a determiner. We use it before a singular noun.
We stayed in Cox’s Bazar for 3 days and we enjoyed ourselves each moment (not each moments)

Each is also followed by a singular verb.
Each day was different.

Each of: Before a plural pronoun or before a determiner with a plural noun. And the following verb is singular.
Each of the students is waiting eagerly for a sports competition.
Each of them wants to take part in different games.

Each + Pronouns or Possessives
We use each with plural pronouns and possessives.
Each person should join the gym to stay healthy.
Each student should obey their teachers.

Position with Object
She hugged them each tightly on their departure.
He wants us each to attend the meeting.

Important point to notice
Each of us\you\them is singular
Each of us has a car
But we\you\they each is plural
We each have a car.

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