Write an Email to the Superintendent of Police Urging to Take Immediate Steps to Stop Anti-Social Activities in Your Area




Subject: Urging to take immediate steps to stop anti-social activities.

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that we, the people of X area, experience a sudden urge of anti-social activities in our area. Some boys aged over 14, being divided by different groups, gather on the street corner. During the day, taunt the school and college goer girls, pass comments. They claim money from the shopkeepers. Also, they misbehave with elders. Their nuisance gets increased when the area gets plunged into the darkness at night. They take drugs: they also hijack passerby. They also threaten to kill them if anyone denies them. And there have been a series of hijacking recently in our area. But no legal steps are taken. Often, they fight among themselves over domination. They have made our life miserable. We must stop them: we must guide them. We cannot ignore such juvenile delinquency as the root of adult criminality lies in juvenile delinquency. Sir, therefore, I request you take immediate steps and conduct frequent drives in our area to stop anti-social activities in our area.


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