Write an Email to the UNO of your area Seeking Immediate Relief for the Flood-Affected People




Subject: an immediate arrangement for relief.

Dear Sir,

You are well aware that a severe flood has hit our locality. And the flood has left the people of our locality in utter distress. Though the water starts receding fast, many people still cannot return to their houses. Because of the on-rush of floodwater, these houses have got damaged and are still unusable. Many diseases like itching, fever, stomach ache have spread among flood-affected people. You know most of the people of our locality depend on farming and fish cultivation. But, now, these farmer families are facing livelihood problems. It is because most of their crop fields have got flooded. Also, a large number of the fish farm has got washed away. And price-hike further worsens the situation. So, the flood-hit people of our area are in dire need of food, shelter, and medicine immediately. Therefore, I request you to make an early arrangement of relief for the flood-affected people.

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