Enough vs Enough of

Enough: If we want to mean we have as much as we need, we use enough.
In a word, enough means sufficient.

Enough can be used in two different ways.
Adjective\adverb + enough
I won’t go with him. He is not driving fast enough.
Nadia was selected as she is worth enough.
He is handsome enough.

Enough + Noun
I cannot apply for the post. I do not have enough qualifications.
Though he has enough money. He takes a bribe.

Enough of: We use of after enough if there are determiners (a, the, my, this, that) and pronoun.
Stop it now, enough of your stupidly.
He gave his wife enough of his time. But she was never satisfied.

Enough + infinitive
They are marrying next week but they are not old enough to get married.
I have enough money to buy a car.
He is worthy enough to get this job.

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