Eradicate Illiteracy Dialogue

Nadia: Hello, Asif, how are you?

Asif: I am fine. What about you?

Nadia: I am quite good. What are you reading in the newspaper?

Asif: It is an article on the Illiteracy Problem Of Bangladesh.

Nadia: Illiteracy is a curse for our country. It brings other basic problems to human beings.

Asif: Yes, you are right. It keeps human beings unaware of their basic needs and rights. Illiterate people don’t know how to improve the standard of living.

Nadia: Hmm, the government should take steps to eradicate this curse from our country.

Asif: The present government has already started materializing its commitment-“illiteracy-free Digital Bangladesh”. Bangladesh government distributes textbooks free of cost among the primary and secondary level students every year
so that poor people send their children to school.

Nadia: It is a conclusive decision, indeed. The government has also started a “food for education program” to encourage children to go to school.

Asif: But the government cannot solve this problem alone. To make illiteracy-free in Bangladesh, every educated people should work hand in hand with the government.

Nadia: Yes, you are right. Okay, bye now.

Asif: Bye. See you later.

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