Facebook Paragraph

Facebook is an immensely popular global social networking site. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. With more than one billion active users around the world, Facebook is now more determined to help people find ways to be together. Only signing into Facebook, one can connect and chat and video chat with family, friends, colleagues, even with new people around the world. One can share one’s feelings, emotions, opinions, achievements, sorrows, happiness through its share-post option. Different types of pages, groups, news feed are some of its amazing features that attract the users most. In the news feed, you can get all the latest information and news. Groups and pages post their respective information and data, photos, videos, etc. One can build one’s community through Facebook pages or groups- job-seeker’s group, sports lovers, movie lovers, health services, etc- where all like-minded people can express their thoughts and opinions. Facebook brings the world closer together. It is always a matter of joy to find one’s, old friend. People can find their old friends through facebook’s friend-finder feature. Also, it helps people to be in touch with them. It provides unlimited entertainment that kills your boredom. Recently, it has become a business platform. One can promote one’s business through Facebook- Ads and fans pages and groups. Along with the pros, Facebook also has some cons. There are many, who spend more and more hours on Facebook ignoring their other human activities. This habit makes one stand aloof from the real world and create problems with real relationships. Due to fake profiles and id, people often get trapped and victimized by treachery, blackmailing, stalking. As people love to share their feelings, emotions, opinions, private life is somewhat compromised on Facebook. Students spend too much time on FB that brings bad effects on their results. Many employees also waste their time surfing FB. Thus, Facebook kills its vitality and work-hour. The coin always has two sides, so what is important is to know both sides and go with the benefits.

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