Fast vs Fastly

Fastly: Fastly an incorrect word
Adverbs are usually formed from adjectives by adding ‘ly’.
Beautiful- beautifully.
Kind – kindly
Because of that, many English learners think that all the words added by ‘suffix-ly’ are adverbs. In the same way, they use the word ‘fastly’ as an adverbial form fast.
But, the fact is that there is no word like ‘fastly’.

Fast: Fast is both an adjective and an adverb.

As an adjective:
•Children are fast learners.
•He bought a fast car.

As an adverb:
•He drives fast.
Not- He drives fastly.
•How fast was he talking?
Not-How fastly was he talking?

‘Fast’ is also be used as a noun.
Fast as Noun-
•He kept fasts for a month.
Here, fast means-
•Having no food for some time.

Fast is also used as a verb:
As a verb-
•Muslims fast in the month of Ramadan.

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