Food Adulteration Paragraph

Food adulteration is the amalgam of harmful and unsafe substances with food making it low grade and injurious to health. Bangladesh has been facing this problem for decades. Now it has reached its peak over the last few years. Food adulteration becomes the reason for a serious health risk in Bangladesh. Almost all food items are capriciously adulterated with unsafe additives. Dishonest businessmen only think of their profit neglecting its bad effect. Adulterated foods can cause cancer and damaging vital human organs like the liver, kidneys. Adulterated food also affects children’s physical and mental growth. Many degraded people are also adulterating life-saving medicines. Mixing formalin and carbide with fish, meat, fruits has become an open-secret matter. Greed for a fast profit, food traders are doing this obnoxious crime. According to the World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization, nearly 45 lakh people in Bangladesh are being infected with various diseases due to having adulterated food. The government along with consumers should take steps against the greedy traders who adulterate food. Besides, private organizations should create awareness among the consumers against food adulteration. The government should formulate laws to eradicate this problem. Only the government can not remove this heinous act. Awareness of the mass is a must. In my opinion, it is high time we raised our voices against food adulteration. Otherwise, we will get a sick, frail future generation.

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