Good Health Dialogue

A dialogue about how to have good health and its importance.

Abrar: Hello, Asif! How are you?

Asif: I am fine. What about you?

Abrar: I am also fine. By the by, you look so fit.

Asif: Yes. It is because I know how to maintain good health.

Abrar: Please share the ways to maintain good health.

Asif: Of course, why not? You have to be habituated to take physical exercise regularly. 30 to 60 minutes of exercise is adequate to improve and maintain good health. On top of that, you should follow a balanced diet.

Abrar: I guess I know what a balanced diet means. It means to take regular food having all the needed elements for health.

Asif: Yes, you are right.

Abrar: Thank you very much. Henceforward, I will take physical exercise and have a balanced diet to maintain good health.

Asif: I have almost forgotten to tell you that proper sleep of eight hours is also important to maintain good health.

Abrar: Thanks again.

Asif: You are welcome, okay, bye.

Abrar: Bye.

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