Present Indefinite Tense or Simple We all know that the tense of a verb denotes the time of an action or event. And a verb that refers to the present time is ‘said’ to be in the present tense or simple present.       The following rule is used to form the present simple tense.             …

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Order of Adjectives

An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun. It comes right before the noun. For example: Beautiful lady Black cat Red shirt But, sometimes, we have to put several adjectives before a noun to describe it completely. A person or a thing (i. e.Noun) may have various qualities. Like-                              A …

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Countable Noun Nouns can be classified as countable and uncountable. One – whether she\he is student or speaker – should know what they are and the difference that exists between them. Let’s have a look. Countable nouns refer to the things which we can count, countable nouns can be both singular and plural. Dog dogs …

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When vs While

When we want to describe or talk about situations when an action happened in the middle of another longer action, we should follow the following rules: When + subject + simple past tense +subject2 + past Continuous Or Subject + past progressive + when + subject2 + simple past James was listening to the BBC …

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Articles are of two types: 1) Indefinite: A or An 2) Definite: The When we talk about things that are known both to the speaker and the listener, we use the definite article the. And, when we talk about things that are not known to the speaker and the listener, we use the indefinite article …

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An adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun. Look at the following sentence: 1.Jacky wore a black dress. 2.I don’t like that book. 3.Tony gave me five oranges. 4.I have little time for Facebooking. In sentence one ‘black’ describes the color of the dress. In other words, it gives extra information …

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