Importance of Travelling Essay

Humans have an insatiable curiosity to see the unseen, know the unknown, and explore the unexplored. And traveling is an effective means to satisfy this curiosity. It adds thrill and excitement to life. It also helps us forget all the worries and problems of our life and find peace in the lap of nature.

Travelling is not only about enjoying the beauty of nature, different geographies, and people, and seeking relaxation and peace from problems, and the frustration of daily life, but also it opens new vistas of experience and understanding before us. By traveling, we get to know new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals, and different styles of living.

Saint Augustine said,
” The world is a book, and those who cannot travel read only a page.”

Traveling helps us discover the best version of ourselves. It unleashes the greatness in us and opens our minds. Each journey unveils something new and different before us. During traveling, we step to discover a new world that is different from our comfort zone; meet new people, face new challenges and opportunities. We Experience how people do things differently from us and still live life to the fullest. This discovery and experience give us strength and help us find our weaknesses.

By traveling, we also get to know cultures, languages, history, the geography of the places we traveled. Discovering a new culture will enhance our knowledge and enrich our souls and mind. We don’t share the same beliefs or follow the same customs. What may seem peculiar or is unexpected to us may fit elsewhere. So traveling helps us accept and appreciate and respect these differences.

Moreover, traveling provides us with the opportunity to taste delicacies from different parts of the world. We also get to know some unique flavors which we neither tasted nor heard of before. So, by traveling, we can get acquainted with a wide range of authentic flavors.

Travelling is one of the best ways of education. It helps us gather practical knowledge. The wisdom and knowledge we earn by traveling are better than that we get by seeing television or reading any book.

Travelling gives us real-life experience, develops our skills of observation and the power of analysis. It enhances our knowledge of geography, history, economy, sociology, and different lifestyle of people, and their thinking, habits, traditions as well.

Thus, traveling can bring out a positive change in human outlook. It helps us cherish our lives, and it disappears boredom from our life. It helps us to be more open and accepting.

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