Importance of Tree Plantation Dialogue

Asif: Hey! where are you going with a bucket full of water?

Nadia: Oh, you! How are you? I am going to water the saplings that I planted a few days ago.

Asif: I am fine. Why did you plant trees suddenly?

Nadia: Yes, I have realized the importance of trees. We should plant trees more and more to save our world.

Asif: Hmm. Trees are our savior. They give us Oxygen, food, the shelter which we need to survive.

Nadia: On top of that, Trees prevent soil erosion and protect our world from pollution. The more we plant trees, the more we get fresh air. They also provide us with tools for furniture.

Asif: Nowadays, people are cutting down trees indiscriminately. What should we do in this matter?

Nadia: They do so as they are ignorant of the importance of trees. They don’t know the harmful consequences of cutting trees.

Asif: What are the consequences?

Nadia: The world temperature will rise and cause global warning eventually, natural disasters will hit the world again and again.

Asif: It is a matter of great concern. We should encourage people to plant trees more and more to save ourselves.

Nadia: Yes. You are right. The government should also take a tree plantation program to make people understand the importance of trees. Who cuts trees unnecessarily should also be punished.

Asif: Okay, bye, take care.

Nadia: Bye, see you later.

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