International Mother Language Day Paragraph

An international mother language day was decided to celebrate every year to ensure the ultimate importance and preservation of all native languages of the world by UNESCO. And they could not help choosing the 21st February to celebrate as the International Mother Language Day. On this very date in 1952 in Dhaka, Many people had laid down their lives for their mother tongue Bangla. The then rulers of Pakistan wanted to snatch away their language imposing ‘Urdu’ as a state language on them. But the heroic sons of Bangla brought out a procession protesting against this unjustified decision. On the day all of a sudden the police shot indiscriminately at the procession. This brutal attack results in many people’s death; causes injures to some. Many people were also arrested. So, in appreciation and recognition of this struggle and sacrifices, UNESCO declared the 21st February as the International Mother Language Day on 17 November 1999. Though the event is being started to observe from the 21 February 2000 throughout the world, the people of Bangladesh have been observing the day as Martyrs Day ever since 1952. The recognition of this day encourages people to accept an all-inclusive society where people of all faces, faiths, languages, and cultures can live together based on understanding and tolerance.

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