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Subject: Invitation to spend summer vacation.

Dear Nadia,
Hope you are fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. Our school will be closed from 12th April to 20th April for summer vacation and so will yours. I will spend my vacation at my village home. It is a beautiful village full of natural beauties. I was hoping you could spend your vacation in my village. There is a river in our village which makes its way down from the hills. You will get amazed by seeing its beauty. Besides, you can enjoy boating in the river. In a nutshell. If you come, we will have a great time together. We can play in the open field. We can also play local games like Ha-du-du, Dariabandhan, Kanamachi, Gollocchut. It will be great fun, indeed. Your arrival will maximize it. Please do come.

With love

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