Write a Letter to Your Brother Telling Him The Bad Effects of Wasting Time

Dear “X”,

I am bitterly disappointed to know you’re being lazing around all the time. You have no focus on your studies. You are wasting your time playing games on a computer or just lying or watching tv or doing trivial activities. Dear, you are a student and, in your 20,’s. It is the period when you can build your base for the future. Dear, remember the best use of your time moves you to success, and its worst use of time will move you closer to failure in the same way. Time waits on no one-if one minute is gone, and it is gone forever. You ought not to give in to such unhealthy habits. Dear, it doesn’t mean I am saying you don’t need any recreation. You do need. But such an extent can move you to a complete failure. Please, stop wasting your precious time. Don’t be a disappointment to yourself.

No more today. Do use your time wisely.


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