Write a Letter to Your Brother Advising Him to Take Part in Games and Sports

Dear X,

I received your letter yesterday. It is a pleasure to know you are doing well now. Your sudden illness concerned me a lot. Well, I have come to know that you don’t take part in any games on sports and. And you only do absorb yourself in studies. Indeed, you are always attentive and sincere in your studies. And never have you let us down with your result. But, this doesn’t mean you have to be a bookworm to such an extent that you cannot spare a little bit of your time in sports. If it continues like this, it can cost you your health. With the study, games are also necessary for a student. Taking part in sports will improve your health condition. It strengthens your body. Plus, games and sports are also a source of entertainment at the same time. Sports and games lessen your stress and anxiety also. If you actively take part in sports, your body and brain will be more responsive. Therefore, it helps you focus on your studies. I believe you have already realized that taking part in any outdoor sport will benefit you a lot. Furthermore, sports instill confidence and discipline into you. You can also learn the importance of teamwork and a lesson on time management.

No more day. Do actively take part in games and sports and be fit and strong.


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