Write a Letter to Your Friend Giving Him Some Practical Hints on How to Improve His Proficiency in English

Dear “X”,

I received your letter yesterday. It is a pleasure to know you are doing great. Dear, you want me to give you some practical hints that may help you be proficient in English, and it is not surprising at all. In today’s world, one’s intelligence is measured by ones’ mastery over English. Though it seems shallow, you cannot ignore the fact. English is the number one language in the world-a common means of communication. Dear, you may make mistakes in your learning process. So, you should not feel shy of making mistakes first. Well, then I suggest you maintain a diary where you can write your everyday occurrences in English. This practice will help you organize your thoughts and also with your flow in writing. Plus, from now on, whatever -a little book, pamphlet, or an article-,read it aloud in front of a mirror. In this way, the words will remain in your brain for a long time, and you can instantly rectify yourself when you are about to make mistakes. You can watch TV talk -shows like The Oprah Winfrey. Such talk shows can have a tremendous influence on your learning. You can always have something new to learn from such shows. It will enrich your vocabulary. And you can also learn how to deliver your speech. Besides, you can take help from technology-listen to radio, watch videos on youtube. Watching English movies and BBC news can be a great source of spoken English for you. Moreover, you can start interacting with superior English speakers and ask them to mention your flaws and correct them.

No more today. Write me soon.


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