Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him The Importance of Reading Newspaper

Dear “X”,

It is a pleasure to know you are glowing with health and enjoying your life, and here is the same. Dear, I have come to know you take no interest in reading the newspaper, and you prefer reading news online. But in comparison to the benefits of reading from the newspaper, it will be no match. I start my day reading the newspaper. And I feel it will be a waste of day without reading the newspaper. You do make a habit of reading newspapers daily. You will stand to benefit by reading the newspaper. By Reading newspapers, you remain updated with the current issues, achievements, facts, discoveries, research, politics, events, movements, ideologies, and many more. Plus, it will improve your language skill in the language you are reading it. It will also enhance your reading and writing skill. Reading newspapers makes you well-informed. So, you will feel more confident. And also, can relate to others who talk about the current events of the world confidently. It does add value to yourself and your personality too.

No more today. Do try to make reading newspapers a habit. It will be to your benefit.


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