Write a Letter to Your Friend Telling Him About Your Visit to the National Zoo

Dear ‘X’,

I hope you are fine. I am also doing great. You know that during the last winter vacation I went to my uncle’s house in Dhaka. My stay there was full of fun and excitement. On the weekend, my uncle took me along with my cousins to our national zoo. My uncle’s house is very near to the zoo. Only after a ten-minute walk did we reach the zoo. After buying the tickets, we all walked into the zoo. The zoo is full of people. There is the sound of the vuvuzelas. And also the screaming of the vendors out their wares from ”Chana Chur” to candy. Children rejoiced every time animals moved on. We had the pleasure of having a chance to have a look at most of the wild animals. From monkeys’ imitations to birds chirping, everything was thoroughly enjoyable. The monkeys were imitating and jumping from one branch to another. The majestic tigers were lazing around the pond. A herd of deer walked in with all their glory. We also heard the lion’s roar. And one of my cousins got frightened hearing the roaring. The bird’s chirping, peahen’s dance made our visit most entertaining. We also went to the cages of snack crocodiles, bears, zebras, horses, camels one after another. We also took light refreshment there. We all enjoyed ourselves very much at the zoo.

No more today. Love to hear from you soon.


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