Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your Visit to a Historical Place

Dear “X”,

I hope you are fine and here is the same. Well, you know I am a constant traveler. And if I have ever got a chance to travel, I never give it a miss. So, last April, I got a chance to visit the Shat Gambuj mosque situated in Bagehot. How can I let the opportunity go? So, I went there with some of my friends. The Shat Gambuj Mosque is one of the architectural beauties of Bangladesh. Khan Jahan Ali, a saint warrior, built it in the 15th century. The infrastructural beauty of the mosque overwhelmed me. It bore the testimony of the architectural skills of early Islamic monuments. To let you know, that the mosque has seventy-seven domes, not shat or sixty as the name indicates. Baked bricks are used to build the mosque. Its prayer hall has 11 arched doorways a the east and seven each in the north and south. It is 7- aisles run along with the length of the mosque and 11deep curves between the slender stone columns. Its vast wall has 11 mihrabs decorated with stonework and terracotta. Some opine that Khan Jahan Ali used the mosque as a prayer hall, while some opine that he used it as a darbar hall. Then we went to pay a visit to the ”Mazar” of Khan Jahan Ali. The tomb is made out of cut-out stone, and there is also an inscription in Arabic. There is a vast tank where people offer food to the crocodiles named ”Kala Pahar ” and ”Dola Pahar”. People believe that if theY appease their hunger, their wish will be fulfilled. There is also a tank named ”Ghoradighi” beside the mosque.

Dear, have you ever paid a visit to the Shat Gambuj Mosque. Let me know. No more today. Do write me soon.


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