Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing the Co-Curricular Activities of Your School

Dear X,

I hope you are glowing with your health and enjoying your life. I am also fine. Well, I heard your school had organized a 4-day sports and cultural competition recently. I hope you enjoyed it very much and won prizes too. Such types of competition as a part of co-curricular activities contribute towards the overall development of students. Well, our school also provides us with different types of co-curricular activities. We have a sports club in our school, and I am a proud member of this team. You will be glad to know last year we won a football match against ‘Z’ school by a 3-1 goal. Also, we have a debating club and a cultural club. And for the bookworms like you, there is also a book club. Sometimes I also take a quick peep at the book club. Our school also has a scout team. We, all the scout team members, clean our school building and surroundings twice a week. Plus, we give out leaflets to create awareness about the importance of cleanliness, tree plantation, etc. And I believe, co-curricular activities of school help students imbibe a varied skill set, like social and communication skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills. What do you say?

No more today. Do take part in extracurricular activities of your school. It will allow you to thrive beyond your curriculum.


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