Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your Celebration of the Last Pohela Boishakh

Dear “X”,

I am happy to know you are fine. I am also doing great. In your letter you wanted me to describe how I celebrated last Pohela Boishakh, and here it goes.

Pohela Boishakh is a day of celebration. And every Bengali looks forward to this day throughout the year, and I am also no exception. I enjoy celebrating this day every year. And last year was also a no-miss. I tared the day exchanging greetings with my family members, friends, relatives. Then wearing new clothes, I headed to Dhaka University-the happening place during Pohela Boishakh. The University got a completely new makeover in celebration of this day. The University students welcomed the singing the traditional song Esho He Boishakh, Esho, Esho. You know that every year, the student of Fine Arts of Dhaka University brings about Mangal Shobhajatra’ carrying banners, festoons, masks, and floats representing the Bengali culture. And people from all walks of life want to join, and last year I joined the rally too. Then I had ”Panta Bhat” – soaked rice- with Hilsha fried at the university campus. Dhaka University organized a day-long program to celebrate Pohela Boihakh. I enjoyed myself there very much. Later I joined some of my friends and went to a fair. We had different types of sweets there. We also rode ”nagor -dola” there. In short, I enjoyed the day very much and returned home in a good mood.

No more today. Let me know your celebration of Pohela Boishakh.


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