Write a Letter to Your Friend Describing Your First Plane Journey

Dear “X”,

I hope you are enjoying your life. I am also fine here. Dear, you know my elder sister has been living in India for two years. Last month she sent me an air ticket to India. And the four-hour flight over to India was my first plane journey. I am writing this letter to share my feelings about my first flight with you.

As it was my first flight, I felt nervous, and my nervousness didn’t let me sleep well. However, waking up at five o’clock in the morning, I got ready and left for the airport. I reached the airport at 11 am. My XZF airways flight 345 scheduled to leave at 1 pm was on time. After security checking, I board the plane. Luckily, I got the window seat. The pilot introduced himself and wished us a happy journey. Then the air hostess told us about the rules and asked us to fasten the seat belt. I got puzzled about how to put the seat belt into the lock for a while. Understanding my situation, the air hostess helped me out. Then after taxing through the runway, the plane took off and obviously with a jerk. Some of the co-passengers got afraid a little bit. Eventually, I was high up in the sky and felt spellbound. The roads, buildings, fields seemed like tiny toys. Our plane was flying in the cloud. And I felt like touching the clouds. After a while, the air hostess provided with lunch. And it was delicious. Finally, I reached Delhi at five pm. My sister came to receive me. Then we took a taxi and left for our destination. This journey will remain ever fresh in my memory. It was exciting, thrilling, and frightening a little bit at the same time.

No more today. Stay happy always.


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