Write a Letter to Your Penfriend Describing the Ethnic People of Your Country

Dear “X”,

I have just received your letter. In your letter, you show your curiosity to know about the indigenous people of our country. You know Bangladesh is a country of cultural diversity. And the presence of indigenous people adds extra value and vigor to it. Indigenous people make up 2% of the population of our country. There live 27 tribal groups, and they are ‘Chakma,” Marma,’ ‘Hajong,’ ‘Santals,.’ Tanchagya.’ The majority of the indigenous people live in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sylhet division, Rajshahi division, Mymensing division. Their lifestyle and culture are different than of ours. Most of the tribal groups follow Buddism, some Christianity, and Hinduism. They are self-reliant and love to lead a simple life. Their lifestyle and culture will fascinate you certainly and live in a traditionally built bamboo house. Their women usually do more hard work than the men. Their livelihood mostly depends on agriculture. The Chakma depend on ”jum” cultivation and the Marma on plow agriculture. Some tribal groups are matriarchal, while some are patriarchal. Tribal people can communicate in two languages -the state language and their dialect. The tribal people are very hospitable too. Every tribal group has its distinctive dress, food habit, customs, and culture. The ”Chakma ”women weave their clothes named ‘pinon’ and ‘khadi.’ Well, I must tell you about the ‘Sangria.’ It is the biggest festival of ‘Marma.’ It is to observe the new year according to the Buddhist lunar calendar. They splash water on each other during the festival and hope it will remove the sorrows and clear the narrowness of the mind. Indeed, individual groups practice their uniqueness, different from others. They have been living in our country for hundreds of years and have become a part of our existence. If you ever come here, I will take you there.

No more today. Write me soon.


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