A Letter to Younger Brother Describing the Bad Effects of Smoking

28 Oct 2021

Dear X,

I hope you are fine doing well. Yesterday I received a letter from our mother. And it is disappointing for me to know that you have started smoking. I believe you fall victim to such bad without being fully aware of its repercussions. It may give you a feeling of ecstatic joy at starting. Later on, you will get addicted, and it will become a lethal weapon for you; there will be no way around it. You may not know that smoking causes about90% of all lung cancer death. Smoking affects almost every organ of the body and causes many diseases. People suffer from respiratory disease mainly due to smoking. That is, if non-smokers breathe in your smoke, they can also suffer from the same problems as smokers’ do. Smoking also reduces life expectancy. However, we are hopeful for your bright future; Don’t let it ruin your health and whole life.

So, please give up this bad habit before it enslaves you. Don’t be a disappointment to us. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your elder sister

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